If you have a shared web hosting account with us, i.e. GoLive Special, GoLive Basic, GoLive Standard and GoLive Advanced.

We advise that you urgently secure your account with SiteLock Security. This is the best Security tool which we currently offer to our customers.

Please be advised that our Web Server is 99% secured from threat attacks, but this does not isolate your website or web applications; such as Wordpress, drupal, Magento or other web based applications which you have hosted on our server e.t.c. from being hacked with malware or viruses.

Our Web Server is more like an Housing Estate with 24/7 Security at its main Entrance Gates and Exits - But each house (Your Web Applications) within that Housing Estate still need their private Guard to secure the gates from intruders.

Quickly take advantage of our automated protection plans of Security Packages from SiteLock today -  Click Below to learn more.

Sincerely Yours

Folakemi A

Customer Support Services
GoLive Naija

Thursday, August 23, 2018

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